Some Government-Friendly Posts

Considering the new genius decision of the government to monitor the online realm, I realized that we could be blogging pure crap very soon, that’s when we run out of good stuff that is also bloggable in the government’s opinion. So, my dear cyber friends, here is a list of some topics you can delight yourself in writing about, and others you’d better stay away from if you have a family that cares about you.

– For kicks off, you can write about personal stuff and memories. Stick to the past, the furture is non of your business, and the reason is very simple really: the Goverment can monitor the past, the future is out of their reach.

– Write about cooking. Preferrably things that would make you feel stuffed all day and leave you with no room for thinking of anything else.

– Write about humanity and the beautiful world we live in.

– Write about Nature, but dare you not come anywhere near natural resources, that could get you into problems.

– Avoid anything that has to do with fuel prices, vegetable prices, salaries and such stuff, – since you could be marked as anti-developmentlist.

– Avoid religious topics, since you could be labeled as “Prospective IAF Material”

– Write about night clubs, restaurants, hang outs, anyhting that doesn’t require much mind labor.

– Stop whining about article 340 of the criminal code.

– Never quote a newspaper article.

– Don’t criticise or show any level of discontent for any stupid decision you hear on TV or radio.

– Post a daily video for Omar Al-Abdallat.

That should do, good luck!

Originally posted on Monday, September 24, 2007 on


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