The Curious Case of the Perfume

Generally, I’m not a perfume person. I don’t use them that often and even if I do, I make sue to wear as little as I could so no one can smell it, so it’s like a personal touch of freshness. That’s why I don’t buy them, because I’m simply not willing to pay 50 JD’s for a luxury I don’t enjoy that much. You might assume by now that perfumes are not among my favorite gifts. Ironically, I like to receive perfumes as gifts, because I like to use some from time to time without thinking that I paid all that cash for something I use occasionally.

Anyway, a while ago someone brought me a nice perfume that I use from time to time. But, it turns out someone found another good use for it; for I was awed by the sight of my little brother spraying some of it on one of his Play Station CD’s and wiping it off. I wondered how many times he did that or if it was the first time. Anyway, I told him not to do that and that he can use the other perfume I don’t like or the Fantasy body splash. In fact I don’t mind it because that thing stays like forever and when you smell the same scent for so long it starts to stink in your nostrils. Anyway that was few months ago and I supposed he stopped doing it.

So, this morning I felt like wearing some perfume. I looked for it but I couldn’t find it. I didn’t give it much thought and went to work.

I got back from work and I was having lunch when I heard my little brother yelling from the room, “Mom, where is the perfume I use to clean my CD’s?”

It didn’t take me more than a few seconds to make the connection. My mom told him she didn’t know what he was talking about. So, with an air of desperation, I said as calmly as I could:

“I know what perfume he is talking about. Keep it away from him”

Interesting definition! My best perfume is now called the perfume he uses “to clean his CD’s” His Pirated CD’s!

It’s amazing how kids undermine the sophistication of everything. Mobiles are game boys, diet cheese is a snack, they don’t even hear about calories until they’re well into their adolescence… Everything is THAT simple!

Well, you can stop reading now and stop waiting for me to make a point because I tried and I couldn’t. It’s pointless…

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