The Cutest Thing Ever

As much as I enjoyed the sun this morning, I couldn’t wait to find a taxi before I froze over. So, I stopped that taxi and the driver pulled over. I noticed there was a little girl in the passenger seat. I told him my destination and he said that he must drop his daughter at school first; I thought it was okay and got in.

I couldn’t see the girl’s face, only her smooth brown hair worn down and the sleeve of her jeans jacket with a patch of fur on the cuff. She kept asking her father questions and he answered her with a smile. Her soft cheerful voice made everything she said seem like the cutest thing eve. At last, we reached the school. As the car pulled up, he kissed her on the cheek and she said “bye baba”, then she turned to open the car’s door, turned her head sideward so I could see her cute little face with all the tiny features, her soft brown hair pulled back and draped over her shoulders. She had that smile that made her sparkling eyes look as though they were laughing, the kind of smile that makes you smile no matter what. With that very face she looked at me and said: “bye auntie”, then hopped out of the car briskly and wrapped her arm around her friend’s shoulders as they walked away together…

Just what are the odds that you’ll witness such mind-blowing cuteness in a taxi first thing in the morning? She utterly made my day!

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