To Gaza, with apology

Because you’re a small city of a big Arab world, and a bigger Islamic world, who are both watching you burn from afar.  Sorry because your kids are being slaughtered by weapons they’ve never heard of, their dreams are being nipped in the bud. Sorry for the elderly who are being humiliated, all in front of our eyes, for the women and men who are being mercilessly crushed to death under the heavy artillery, their homes demolished over them in their sleep…

Sorry because you’ve become nothing to us but a daily report on the news. Sorry because we’re helpless, sorry before we watch you burn and do nothing but cry, and forget even to pray. Sorry because we’ve grown so numb, so senseless and so blunt. Sorry because in your suffering, we see our disgrace. Sorry because in your humiliation we see our own humiliation and bow our heads in shame. Sorry because we’re too many powerless millions, standing with our hands behind our backs. Sorry because we turn a blind eye, sorry because we can’t stand the sight of a little boy, face stained by blood and body wrapped with a green sheets, flowers scattered all over him as he’s sound a sleep.

Sorry before we are what we are and you are what you are. Sorry because you have to burn before something inside us explodes. Sorry because you need to be destroyed before we wake up. Sorry because you need to be ruined before we learn the true meaning of bravery. Sorry because in you, the victim, we see the hero and the miracle.

Sorry, because we know you can’t accept this apology, and yet we offer nothing else.

Originally Posted on Saturday, March 01, 2008 on


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