When you miss someone you never met

When I said I missed her, my brother looked at me funny and said I can’t miss someone I have never met. Or can you?

That’s how I’m feeling now! I never met her, never saw her except in few less than clear pictures, worried about her, went shopping for her, dreamed about her… and now with a month or so remaining for her arrival in sha’a Allah, I’m running out of patience! Whenever I go shopping, something magically draws me towards the babies section, and don’t make me start on the time I spend at toy shops! When I think of her, it’s like being in love for the first time, the butterflies in your stomach and the tickling excitement inside… What is it with those little creatures being so ridiculously charming? Even before you see them, even when they look like a small bulk of flesh with facial features… What blows my mind even more is when my mom refers to her as “her”, like “I’ll empty this drawer to make room for her clothes” Oh my God! she’s a human being and we’re talking about “her”… Yes, I miss her, but perhaps the right word, on a second thought, is I “long” for her, in the same sense that Believers long for Heaven even though they’ve never seen it, like you long for tomorrow, even though you don’t know what it carries with it… I love you, and I hope you’ll come to this world safe and sound, and that you’ll get to like it all right.

[On a serious note, the best thing about being the aunt not the mom is that you’re spared the agony of changing diapers and waking up at night to the shrieking sound of 60 centimeters human being… You get to play with them, read stories, bring gifts, and all of a sudden you’re their favorite 😀 (Don’t take it personally moms! they still like you best of all even if you spanked them day in day out]

Well, That sounds mean… perhaps I should’ve stuck to the first more cordial part, there’s no way I’m sending the link to my sister now

Originally posted on Thursday, October 25, 2007 on http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2007/10/359639.html

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