Yes, I’m a Girl!

Hello world! My name is Ghazal. Yesterday, as I was cuddly bundled inside my mother’s womb, I felt a sudden force pushing me downwards, and then I started to slide down little by little. I had no clue what was happening at the time, but some deep innate instinct told me I should slither along. As I emerged to the light, I was amazed at how vast this new realm was. It was bigger than I’d imagined, and way too brighter than my cozy sanctuary. Every thing seemed new and big, and I was so afraid that I was crying like a baby. In fact, I soon found out that I was actually a baby. Curiously though, everyone around me seemed so happy to see me as if they’ve known me for ages. Although I couldn’t recognize a single face, I found the atmosphere reassuring, and being a girl of manners; I stopped whimpering from time to time.

As I said, I didn’t know any of the people who were staring and smiling at me with amazement as though I was an alien. But, there were only 2 people I thought I knew very well. The first was a woman whose heartbeats sounded so familiar, who I knew to be my mother. The other was a man whose voice rang a certain bell in my head. That I knew to be my father. Still, I was utterly stunned at how much I loved them, and how much I felt they loved me.

I can’t wait to meet all of you, and I hope to learn much about this intriguing world from each and every one of you. Mom & Dad: I know you waited so much, but I’m finally here, Ghazal, the daughter of life, who came through you, a piece of you turned into a new person, a gift from Allah that you need to nurture with your hands, and cherish in your heart. Love me, but don’t posses me. House my body, but unleash my spirit. Give me your guidance, but not your judgment. Teach me how to make my own judgments. Take care of me, but don’t over-protect me. Let me learn from my mistakes. Be the flowers, and let me be the fragrance, be the lips and let me be the words, be the sun, and let me be the light.

Love me truthfully, love me verily, love me unconditionally.

Love & kisses,

Ghazal Bustami

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