Before the Worms Eat you…

Due to the a mix of disappointments, confusion, pressure nad other possible elements I may not know of, I’ve been reiterating this theory in the last couple of days…

“At the end, we all are going to die and be eaten by the worms, so why take life too seriously?”

This might be in contradiction with my long and deeply held belief that one should not leave this world without leaving a footprint. Well, I still stand by that, but let’s say I like to think of being eaten by the worms when it comes to the less important yet frustrating things.

What made me review these “principles” if I may call them so, is a piece of news I just read on the net. Professor Randy Pausch has died of cancer at the age of 47.

If you think of it, 47 is a relatively young age to die, but think of what this man has done just before he passed away. This man inspired millions of people, in less than a year he did what many people fail to do in a lifetime. He left his footprint.

This makes me think, is there any difference between living 80 years or 30 years if you basically did the same things? What makes the difference? will you be someone who left the world a better place or just another corpse for the worms to chew on?

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