Do you know who is Abdullah Al-Barghouthi?

Today as I was listening to the radio on my way to work, I switched to Hayat FM and they were dedicating that morning to the subject of the Jordanians prisoners in the Israeli jails, since today, 20/10, is the Jordanian prisoners  solidarity day, as it was chosen two years ago by the Jordanian prisoners in Israeli jails themselves.

On the phone was the mother of Abduallah Al-Barghouthi, who has what was described by the host as “the longest jail sentence is in the history of humanit”. Well, that is not so hard to believe when you know that he has 67 life sentences. I wonder what human being could  possible live to serve that time.

There were other calls with the wife of Palestinian prisoner. She’s Jordanian and therefore she’s denied the right to visit her husband in jail. Neither the Jordanian nor the Palestinian authorities seem to be of any help, each side saying that she should seek the help of the other. There was also another call with an ex-prisoner who said that those who are still prisoners in the Israeli jails are better than us, because they are living their struggle day by day, while we are living out our daily routine life unaware of what happens in there.

Those were sad yet eye-opening facts. To think of all the Jordanian, Palestinian and Arab prisoners in the Israeli jails, and to realize how most people have little idea about that, and then to look at what the Israelis have done and still doing for Gilad Shalit, demanding his return and making him perhaps the most famous prisoner in the history of the conflict, to think about that you find that there must be something wrong. Those people deserve more attention and their case must be brought to light more often, not only on this day, but everyday. For the time being, the 20th of October remains a reminder of those people who were willing to sacrifice their lives and their freedom to serve their just cause.

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