Football Social Structure (A New Age Theory)

Football Social Structure (A new age theory)

After watching tonoght’s game which I found to be extremely frustrating on several levels, I came out with a conclusion, you may say a theory, that soccer too has its own social strata. The theory suggests that soccer teams are divided into 3 main classes…

1- The Proletariat

These are the teams that nobody knows about, but every once in a while one will go wild beating big teams, in which case this proletarian team is described as a “Black Horse”. Case in point, Croatia in World Cup1998, Turkey in World Cup 2002 and Greece in Euro 2004. Personally, I like those when they are African or something I can relate to like an Arab team or something. While when it comes to European team I don’t like to see many black horses since European football is generally dull so I like to watch big teams playing like Germany and Italy. It’s more of a battle full of schemes and tactics than a display of skills…

2- The Middle Class

This might be considered by some the worst of all classes. These are the ones who play really good matches and score really good results that make them seem like strong competitors but they rarely win in the end. Case in point, Spain and Holland. It seems like those teams have something in them that prevents them from going through and making it to the real jackpot. This could be really bad because people don’t remember them for an exceptional achievement like the aforementioned black horses, neither do they take home a cup for History to remember them with. Unfortunately for those, History doesn’t celebrate runner-ups. Sad, unfair, but true. Looking at the bright side, teams that belong to this class do get much credit and praise from sport experts. You know the ones who would tell you who scored the third goal in 1979 for a team nobody knows against a team no one cares about other than the players’ folks). I personally don’t recommend being a fan of those teams for the accumulation of disappointments might lead to serious heart problems. Get  a grip!

3- The Upper Class

Those are the teams that made history and continue to do so whether they starred or sucked. Case in point, Italy in World Cup 2006 (Mind you, I’m a fan too, but the truth should be said) The members of this class have been limited to few teams for a long time now.  I believe in the power of History, and believe those guys depend on that greatly. Of course there are subclasses of those, like “Captain Tsubasa” kind of team (the one player team) such as France who waits for the emergence of a team leader like Zaidane and before him Platini to lead the way to the gold. While in the case of Germany, those guys are the ones who play when the opponent is worth the effort. So, they are just like their famous BMW (Sorry this one might be a little culture specific: أعطيها بتعطيك وشد عليها بتقلب فيك )

Anyway, football is hugely unpredictable and abide by no rules, so there’s no telling whether a big fish like Germany or Italy or a black horse like Russia will win the tournament. But according to this theory, I’m expecting Germany to win the cup. Dull, typical, but I think we all had enough with the black horses in 2004…

P.S: I’m with Spain. That the only probability that would change the rhythm. Personal opinion!

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