Now You Know it, Your Father is Dead

Since 1982, the same year she was born, her father was nowhere to be found. Was he dead? Was he a war prisoner? There was no telling what happened to him as he went missing in action. 26 years passed and his mother still managed to believe that he was alive and was hopeful that he’ll come back one day.

Last night, they received a call requesting them to go to Beirut immediately to identify him and undergo some basic DNA test to confirm his identity. 26 years and today T.H’s father is one of 200 dead bodies finally handed over by Israel to Hizbullah. 26 years without knowing how many years he suffered in the Israeli prisons and when exactly he died, or was killed.

200 dead Arabs, previously MIA’s or POW’s, and now known to be dead. 200 Arabs who died in the Israeli jails. No surprise here, it’s actually ironic because when the 2 Israeli soldiers turned out to be dead, it was a shock for many people.

200 for 2, and you wonder if it’s enough…

Originally posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 on


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  1. I wrote 3 comments in my head before start typing this fourth one; all 3 saying something about how hard it must be and/or how sad(ness) came over hovering ..
    But the simple truth is I don`t know how hard it is nor how sad it must felt. Both specifically for the daughter/mother/all of them and generally as I ponder what that means, how perceptiveness it shows from (others) toward (us).
    200 for 2, 200 for 2!

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