While we were sleeping…

Yesterday, while you were waiting for your child to come home from school,  someone’s child never made it home from school, because as he was leaving school eager to finish his homework to go out and play with the other kids, he was killed by a bomb that was dropped over him out of nowhere.

Last night, as you complained about your headache and couldn’t wait to go to bed and have a good night’s sleep, some woman in Gaza couldn’t sleep as she spent the night beside her husband and children at the hospital, waiting for them to wake up, knowing that they might never do. Thousands of others couldn’t sleep too as they waited for another shelling any moment, and their fears came true at a number of occasions.

As you watched the news and then switched the channel, or maybe turned the TV off and went to sleep, those people you saw, that crying kid and that unconscious girl, they couldn’t turn it off or just wish it all was a dream. You might think of them as super beings who can bear whatever atrocities they are faced with, but the truth is those are people like me and you. They may not have a higher pain threshold than you, yet you can’t imagine yourself going through have what they’re going through now. They might be dead, but thousands of others are waiting for the unknown, maybe the same destiny and maybe worse.

Originally posted on Sunday, December 28, 2008 http://oeliwat.jeeran.com/archive/2008/12/762592.html


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