Happy Ceasefire

Happy Ceasefire Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, after 22 days of war, an over-due ceasefire is finally on the table.

Well, it’s not thaty hard to think up something to say here. Of course, a thank-you-Israel-for-stopping-the-blind-and-cold-blooded-slaughter-of-innocent-people would be fairly bizarre. In fact, there’s so much to say, so let me just start with this: It’s about time.

Well over 1200 civilians were killed, and over 1500 injured, all in the hope that people in Gaza will die silently and continue to live under the brutal siege imposed on them by Israel, and with the attacks launched against them by the Israeli artillery, without any sign of resistance of any kind.

So once again the myth of the “invincible state” Israel had been rubbing in our ears for as long as anyone could remember was proven wrong. If anything is invincible, it’s the faith and certainty of the great people of Gaza. Those people who stood loss after loss, the people who gave up their lives but refused to give up their freedom, their cause or their dignity. The people who rose high, disgracing the name of the so-called state of Israel, and putting it in mud. So, give up, Zion, no matter how much you kill of these great people, you will never crush their spirits, and they will never give up. God willing one day you will be crushed by those same people you failed to suppress over and over again.

The war may have stopped, but the blood of all these people will not go to waste. The panic and agonies the people of Gaza were put through will only breed more hatred and more resistance for the Zionists and their phony state. Violence breeds violence, so brace yourselves for what’s coming, and blame it only on yourselves.

It’s nowhere near over.


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