Happy Crappy New Year

Have a Crappy New Year…

Thursday, January 01, 2009

To some people, so far 2009 may not seem so promising. The more optimistic lot might argue that things could change, which some cynics would agree with, only that they’d assume it could take a turn to the worse, as hard to imagine as that could be to the former group.

No matter what prospects and dreams you may have for the coming year, which we’re entering as I type these words, I think all of us agree that New Year’s Day is anything but Happy this year. Some of us might take offense in the greeting itself. “Happy New Year”, like, seriously?

Well, despite the morbidity of the situation, I think we can still hope for a better year to come. In the meantime, while New Year’s celebrations in Jordan were cancelled, I think it’s only fair that we share Gazans their celebrations of the New Year!

Yes! It could be one hell of a Happy New Year in Gaza. Happy New Year if a bomb is dropped just few meters away from your house. It might scare you half to death but still, you’re alive.

It’s a Happy New Year if you are injured and they find enough blood supply that fits your blood type to save your life.

It’s a Happy New Year if your child is being tended to at hospital, despite the lack of qualified medical staff and medical equipments, you’ll be happy that he, unlike many others, is alive.

It’s a Happy New Year if you have enough candles and electric torches at home to last you during the power outage in the darkness of the night. Not that you have much to do, but it’s definitely less scary when you listen to the sound of roaring war crafts and the deafening bombardment with some light on.

It’s a Happy New Year if you’re still alive, have a roof to sleep under and clean water to drink. It’s a Happy New Year if you’re not attending your little brother’s funeral, or trying to identify the remainings of one of your parents.

So, yes, if “Happy” means all that, then New Year should be celebrated all right, and Gaza must be the place.

Happy New Year Gaza, as crappy as it must be.

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