I Think I Need Therapy

I Think I Need Therapy Monday, February 02, 2009

As some of you might know I have expressed how I feel about roses before, and about people trying  to sell me roses, but today I realized how serious this could be, to the point that I’m willing to admit that I do need help…

Today as I was stopping at the traffic lights with a million things on my mind, I saw a boy selling some kind of a long flowers, I think they were carnations or something. As he stood by the window trying to talk/mime me into buying some I insisted that I didn’t want any, but he didn’t seem to take no for an answer, and since I was so stubborn he resorted to some subtle solution as if to force me to buy the flowers. He cut a snippet from the tip of the very very long flower and tuck it under the wiper blade on the windscreen, and told me that it only costs 1 JD. I was like FIIIIIIINE!! (Bearing in mind that I’m strongly against this style of sales that is pretty much like begging)

So, I opened the window to hand him the money and was just about to tell him what he did was salbata (can’t find the right word in English), but before I could say anything he handed me the flowers. Of course, seeing how big those flowers are and given the fact that I’m really not a big fan of buying flowers for no occasion I freaked out and told him I didn’t want them, but he didn’t seem to care because he just stormed off, leaving me dangling the flowers out of the window, shouting for him to come back and confused as to what I should do with them. But there wasn’t much time to think, I had to decide before the green light was on, and what do you know? I throw them on the ground. Yes, I did. I even looked at the flower tucked under the wiper and thought of grabbing it and throwing it on the ground too, but I thought that would be too sick and too callous. Sensing I did something wrong I looked around me to see if anyone was judging this environment unfriendly act, and in the rear view mirror I saw a man in a taxi looking fairly puzzled.

As I drove on, I looked at the flower under the wiper, thinking that this looks like something nice, a sweet gesture. But it wasn’t long before the gushing wind blew by, and tore it away.


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