Israel and the Art of Lying

Israel and the Art of Lying Tuesday, January 06, 2009 I can’t think of a good way to write this!

This morning I was listening to Perez’s intreview with Al-Jazeera. To say that I was appalled and disgusted by his blatant lies is an understatment. I mean, what a pile of bullshit! Let’s review some of those lies:

Lie #1: Israel doesn’t kill children. Well, I would sooner believe that marsians are preparing to invade Earth! I mean, if Israel doesn’t kill children, then who does? Or maybe they have a different definition for “children”, by which those “people” in these pictures are disqualified…

Lie #2: Israel respects all human beings and believes all humans lives are equal. Well, then how do you explain the 550+ Palestinians who were cold-bloodedly killed? 550 Palestinians for 5 Israelis, doesn’t seem like a fair equation to me!

Lie #3: Israel respects all religions. Well, shut up already! We all know how Israelis view other religions, we all know who’s trying to demolish the Holy Places of Muslims and Christians, we all know what you believe in and it’s no secret. We’re all animals to you, or worse, because even animals are not showered with bombs and killed day and night…

You know, what really makes me sick isn’t only the blatant lies told by Israeli officials, this is something we’re used to. What really disgusts me is the thought that there are people out there who could actually believe them! I don’t know how is that possible with all the tragic pictures of women and children and innocent people being killed in Gaza. But who knows, the Israeli propaganda is capable of misleading the public. I just hope that no one will be so clueless as to believe it.

Spread the word, tell the world the truth! Don’t let them have it their way…


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