The Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We all receive gifts all the time, or from time to time, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of which gift meant the most for us. Sometimes it’s something so glamorous as a diamond ring, other times it could be something as simple and tacky as a personalized mug. After all, it’s all about the sentimental value, and for me it’s not hard to decide which was the best gift I’ve ever received, because it’s the first that comes to my mind.

I think I made it clear that I don’t like flowers and roses as a gift. I think it’s becoming such a cliché and is losing the sentimental value since everyone who’s anyone can get you a bunch of flowers on any given occasion; it’s the easiest thing really. Yet, I still believe a single rose may be a gift that’s worth a million dollars.

I was in the 10th grade, and there was a little girl at our school called “Senarite”. Senarite was around 6 years old and was the cutest most adorable little girl. I liked her so much, and who wouldn’t? With that innocent face and sweet demeanor.

One day at recess, I was hanging around with my friends when Senarite approached us with a yellow rose in her hand, she walked to me, reached out with her hand and gave me the flower without uttering a single word. And I can tell you that you might question the intention of anyone giving you a rose, you might even refuse it or throw it away, but when it’s a rose from a child, it’s one thing to make you feel good  and to be cherished forever. That’s why Senarite’s yellow rose still lies inside my diary book until this day.

I haven’t seen Senarite for years, I can just imagine how much she’s probably grown up by now, she might even not remember any of this, but I know for a fact that she gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life.


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