سم الهاري

سم الهاري

Monday, April 06, 2009

I’m fed up with people pumping their system with diet soda assuming that it’s the one thing they can enjoy and control their hunger with without worrying about those extra calories. Well, if you’re one of those people who hold this misconception then you might want to stop and think again.

Well, the good news is that I’m not going to tell you that the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks cause cancer, because it was proven that they are not related to cancer. That’s for the good news, brace yourself for the cascade of bad news…

1- Diet soda has been linked to heart disease and something called “Metabolic syndrome”, which, according to Wikipidia, a combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

2- Drinking diet soda causes you to crave food more, especially sweets. So if you’re trying to lose weight drinking diet soda: BUMMER!

3- It’s loaded with sodium, which is not very good for anybody

4- Soda in general has been linked to osteoporosis and bone loss, so you might want to be careful with that, especially women. A broken pelvis is not a pretty thing, really!

I’m not saying that you should run to the kitchen and make yourself a jug of green tea, but a healthy change in lifestyle wouldn’t kill anyone, just think of this the next time you’re picking up a drink to go with your lunch! It could be worth it 5- diet sodas actually makes you fat. The acidity it contains is so great that your body actually increases its production of fat cells to surround and thus protect vital organs.


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