10 things I Like About Abu Dhabi

10 things I Like About Abu Dhabi

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Well., it’s my second visit to UAE, this time I got a better look at th country and I really think it’s a beautiful country, although I don’t think I can live in it permanently, well I don’t know if I can live anywhere outside Amman in general…
So, in my second visit I realized there are some spects I really like in Abu Dhabi, and here’s some, randomly listed…
1- You don’t feel like a stranger here, because everyone is a stranger
2- A city by the sea can hardly be boring
3- They have Costa Coffee everywhere
4- The palm trees
5- I haven’t seen a car like mine yet (What are the odds of spotting an Opel Corsa on the streets of Abu Dhabi or Dubai?)
6- Shopping, nuff said
7- Great ice cream joints, I’m serious the ice cream here is really good!
8- Shop signs can be hilarious sometimes, sorry I haven’t taken any photoes of that yet
9- They know how to celebratea
10- The general atmosphere is reassuring, makes you feel home
I still miss Amman though, you know what’s different there? Nota that I know the streets, but that I feel that the streets know me! Home sweet home…


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