A taste of Death?

A taste of Death?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last night the weirdest thing happened

Went to sleep, and although I’ve lately discovered the fastest way to sleep which is to block out every thought and shut your eyes, I still like the old way of drifting into my thoughts in the process before I actually fall asleep. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling off a cliff, something all of you are probably familiar with, sometimes reality seems to get mixed up with dreams and so on.

But last night was different.

As I drifted into my thoughts, these thoughts seem to have gradually turned into dreams and I was asleep. I heard once about the phases of sleep, and how when you reach the phase where you see dreams your muscles relax and you become immobile, which is something Allah in his infinite wisdom blessed us with because if it wasn’t so people would act on their dreams and you might end up strangling your neighbor or throwing yourself out of the window.

So, what happened yesterday, as it seemed to me, is that after I started dreaming I began to wake up when I was still in the dreaming phase (which happens sometimes and it feels very disturbing), and my dreams seem to turn into thoughts, and I was thinking about death, and then I realized that I’m awake, thinking but unable to move, talk or even open my eyes with everything around me pitch black. I tried to speak or do anything but I couldn’t, and for a moment or so I thought I was dead, until I finally uttered something and then opened my eyes.

Well, if you ask me, I felt what it was to have another chance, but it was hands down one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced, although I don’t believe a dead person sees nothing but blackness, and I sure hope it will be a peaceful experience.


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