An Easy Way to Help Children with Cancer

An Easy Way to Help Children with Cancer

Monday, January 11, 2010

So today on my way home I dropped by Readers to check out some book. So, after a quick tour between the aisles and having found the book I came for I, only naturally, walked up to where the wild things are, i.e: The cash counter. You know how that’s always where the cool things are, bookmarks and geeky gadgets and what not. A great way to sell stuff if you ask me, not only in bookshops but everywhere, it’s like the cherry on the top. After you’re done with the serious shopping.

So, not to deviate more from the subject, there was that stand in front of the counter where there were packages that include envelops with children drawings on them. They are so colorful and absolutely gorgeous that they instantly catch the eye. It turned out those drawings are the original artwork of the children in King Hussein Cancer Center, so the profits of their sales go to the benefit of the cancer center.

I think it’s a great idea! You can help fight cancer and at the same time spread awareness about it by giving those cards away to other people. And who wouldn’t love such a gift?

You can find them at Readers (Cozmo), and I’m guessing they must be available in other stores, go pick yourself a collection! Each package costs 9 JD’s and contains 10 cards with envelopes.


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