An Open Letter to MBC Group

An Open Letter to MBC Group

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Usually when you read a title like this it sounds like something tactful, grave and pretty serious is about to be said. But here’s my open message to MBC group: Get a Life! Now here’s an open message for you, how about that?

I don’t know where to start, from stupid stupid stupid shows like ET and the insider or those creepy dubbed movies?

Well, let’s start with the utterly ridiculous shows since they were there first. A daily show that rarely talks about something interesting, let alone of an interest to the middle-eastern viewer. I mean, what in the world do I care, what does anybody care if John Gosling whoever he is, is doing Yoga! Yes, that’s actually a piece of news, they have a picture of him taking a Yoga pose, wow! Seriously WOW!! Okay, then? What did we achieve here? The moral of the story? Someone who became famous overnight for having 8 children and is trashing his wife on TV and of course she’s trashing him too and the whole thing is a large pile of white trash, and then MBC brings it to you, why? Let me make a WILD guess: because this network is getting trashier everyday and seems to think that the viewers are a bunch of morons or celebrity-obsessed fanatics… And what’s even worse is that they TRANSLATE these shows! Like they really believe anybody cares!

I know that they are trying to fill the broadcast hours but then why don’t they have something like the Daily Show for example? That’s something of substance and will at least show that the network respects its viewers…

And what’s with the dubbed movies? Couldn’t they choose any other movie other that Brave Heart to BUTCHER it!! Well, at least brave heart was done is classical Arabic, the real disaster was The Godfather, dubbed in Syrian! Now that must be the most ridiculous joke in TV’s history! It’s a joke, right?

And what the heck is MBC3 about? I’ll tell you: the definition of double standards. They pitch all kind of junk on children and they claim that they are child-friendly by editing specific scenes and manipulating the translation in a really weird way! I mean, even if you didn’t translate “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” and “kiss” and “hug” as what they really mean in the context, children believe it or not are not stupid! They can get the idea, so stop treating them as a bunch of drooling chimpanzees and stop feeding them all that crap!

So, MBC, or whoever is in charge of you, get a grip! And please consider shutting down 90% of your channels, I think it would be a HUGE favor for the Arab nation!


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