Apologies of a Jordanian Citizen

Apologies of a Jordanian Citizen

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Being a human being (no play on words intended) it’s a very natural thing to make mistakes, the big step remains to admit your mistakes and offer apology to anyone who could’ve been affected by them.

And I herby, being a proud Jordanian citizen mortified by the acts of certain Jordanian citizens who seem to deem themselves super-citizens, would like to offer my apologies to fellow Jordanian citizens and to the advocates of democracy in the Kingdom.

So, last year I made the gruesome mistake of voting in the 2008 Parliament election. Yes, I did, and it’s with great dismay that I express my apologies and regret for this irrational act of actually believing that we could choose a parliament that would actually reflect what we want.

I’m sorry because I participated in this farce that made it look like we chose the current Parliament, the one that blocks out journalists and makes light of killing people in the name of honor. At least if we didn’t vote it can’t be said that this is our choice. I’m ashamed really to say that I took part in this, therefore I think it’s a good thing the person I voted for didn’t make it to the big stage, it makes me feel a little bit better, and I hereby announce myself not responsible for any irresponsible act committed by these people.

Well,  maybe it’s a good thing the parliament is shutting out press, for future generations I mean. Imagine your child seeing esteemed members of the Parliament pelting each other with ashtrays and water glasses. “Mom, what are these people doing?” “Nothing honey, it’s our own Colosseum, wait for the lions to come out.”

Pathetic and sad really


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