Do Twitter and facebook limit your creativity?

Do Twitter and facebook limit your creativity?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Relax, this is not a study conducted by the British Institution for whatever, it’s just an observation, you know I do some self-exploring from time to time, I get upset with myself for reading less or writing less or even not doing either for a while, and I’ve been so hard at work wasting my time lately… Seriously I changed my facebook status 3 times today at work, well I know I was bored but still, I do spend a lot of time idling here and there around the web even at home, and I get even bored doing that but laziness accompanied with useleless curiosity is fatal..

So I was thinking the other day how I soent less time writing or blogging, and I discovered something. Before, when I came across something interesting I used to start mentally blogging it right away, I would ramble on and on and come out with a post about it, while now, I can just cut it short to a few lines and write it as a status or a tweet! Not a good thing I guess

For example, today I consumed a massive amount of sugar, so I was just thinking “My liver and kidneys must be so hard at work trying to process or the sugar and artificial colors and what not”, this could fit into a status, but maybe if I think more one thought might lead to another and we end up with something about health or diets or Tubby or a story or anything, I don;t know…

So, here are some random things that could go as a status or a tweet, but I choose to blog them:

1- I was so happy today when I found Rass el3abed at the supermarket, it’s one sign the weather is getting colder, and yes everyone loves Rass el3abed! (Although I’m not comfortable with the name it’s kind of racist, I once wrote something about that, I mean it’s white in the inside and black in the outside, how more racist can it get?)

2- I HATE it just HATE it when I’m required to do something stupid, or at least seems stupid to me at work because the client or some other people in the company want it to be done that way! Demanding you to copypaste wrong translation and when you make some corrections they demand you to re-install the mistakes! Well, be my guest! But it feels good when you start ranting about it to your boss so he gives you a day off or some other kind of compensation…

3- Have you ever been sleepy but too lazy to get up and go to sleep? It heppens

4- I should really stop putting things off…

That’s random enough for now, I guess  I should shut the computer now and go about doing other stuff that don’t involve typing or clicking!

And oh, potato is a good natural solution for bkack circles around the eyes, bleaches naturally


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