Good “Mourning”

Good “Mourning”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sorrow, a perpetual universal byproduct of death. Its ability to produce any number of physical and psychological disorders is only matched by its susceptibility to forgetfulness. Thankfully.

But who is it that we mourn?

Sometimes, you reach a point where you wish that particular person will die to put an end for their mortal suffering. Yet, when the dreadfully anticipated news come, you’re overwhelmed with a wave of a heart-wrenching feeling, that which we call sadness. So, who is it that we mourn in death?

Humans are selfish creatures.

Maybe it’s not the dead person himself. Maybe we’re sad for ourselves, we’re sad because we lost a part of our lives that has always been there. Maybe it’s because we remember that one day it will be our turn, and that everything will eventually come to an end.

Perhaps, one way or another, we mourn ourselves.

Or maybe we mourn life itself…


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