How Can You Not Love Her?

How Can You Not Love Her?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yesterday, her voice rang in my ears.

I’m not someone who usually misses people. In fact, this doesn’t happen very often, and it’s very rare that I feel my heart aching and tears stirring up in my eyes because I miss someone so much.

But with her, that what happens. And how can I not, when she’s the most pure and innocent thing in my life?

How can I not love her when she looks dumbstruck as she sees me in the airport, then keeps giving me hugs like she wants to make sure I’m real…

How can I not laugh from my heart when she’s about 100 meter tall and yet she roams the house, suddenly stands by the vegetables basket, picks some a random piece of potato or something like that, turn it between her hands like she’s admiring it and then goes: “WOW, NICE!”

How can I not be head over heels in love with her when she’s 2 years old, barely speaks anything that makes sense, and one day when she gets in the car on a hot day, the cutest smile is drawn on her face as she says “It’s hot… Oh my God!”

How can I not love her when as soon as she sees my face on the computer screen she grins happily, then motions for me to come or even tries to get into the computer thinking that she might actually join me at home thousands miles away from her just that easy. And, when she brings her new Teletubby toy, hold it up in front of the camera like she’s too eager to show it to me and yells: “Ayya, tubbies!!” (Yes, she calls me Ayya or Haala, I don’t know what’s so difficult about Ola!!”

How can I not love her when she’s the only person I know who wakes up grinning at wanting to play right away, even if she hadn’t slept enough.

How can I not lover her when she goes nuts for seeing a dog in the street, and then when she goes to hold and hug that dog, and even chase its owners crying when they try to take it and leave.

How can I not love her when she’s a sure-fire reason to draw a smile on the faces of my parents. How can I not love her when, by her coming to the world, I became an aunt. How can I not love her when I see how she makes my mother, father and brothers show that soft side of them, how we all sit there looking at her and laughing as if she’s a comedy show, or a clown like my mother once described her…

How can not love you, Zozo? How can I not!!

2 responses

  1. Sweet. The neices and nephews you get before you have kids will always hold a special place in your heart. Mine are now getting older, getting married, going to college, but they were all spoiled by me first before I had my own. She will be a little version of you.

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