I Am Life

I Am Life

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You look at me and you wonder how something this small can make the hearts of the most powerful men shiver, You marvel at how something so tiny and so helpless can provoke feelings you’ve never known you had, you stand before me speechless, overwhelmed, eyes filled with tears, heart overcome with emotion, mind racing with unspeakable thoughts, all materialized in one timeless fact: I’m the miracle of life.

I’m joy bundled, innocence personified, hope renewed, love defined, faith fortified, dreams coming true, life in its purest form…

I’m beauty untainted: a cloud formation on a summer day, the first rays of sunshine caressing the surface of the ocean, the ripple of a stone in a crystal-clear lake, I’m the reflection of a smile in a mother’s tear…

I’m a proof that God exists, truth unquestioned, humanity unaltered…

I’m not the eyes with which you see, not the tongue with which you speak, not your heart that beats with life, not the air you breathe, not the blood that runs in your veins, not the light that guides your way, but I’m a part of all that, and with that you shall cherish me…

I’m a wave leaving the shore, a gust of eastern wind, a touch of flawless Art, a refuge from the complex, a taste of the mystic…

I’m here, I’m finally here.

** Welcoming baby Malik to the world


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