Friday, August 21, 2009

This title may not make any sense to anyone, just the way it’s supposed to, except one person who knows herself to be my friend Ilham who left to Saudi Arabia last month and told me she checked my blog out frequently. As irrelevant the title may be to the post itself, I dedicate it to her as a belated less-than-adequate wedding gift.

Randomly selected random thoughts

– If you have a bad toothache or pain in your mouth and when you go to the doctor he says there’s nothing wrong, INSIST, tell him to check again, to check your gums, and don’t depend totally on the X-ray, you might be really surprised at what they may find.

– If someone sent you a message saying that he likes you and that followed you home the day before, it’s either your friends screwing with your head or, on the off chance, a real stalker. In both cases be subtle as to what your reply is, it’s really fun when your friends who were trying to pull a joke on you come clean and say: why would you reply like that? you’re no fun!

– In a perfect world, everybody would be using their cars’ blinkers when making turns or pulling over.

– It’s not bad to change your opinion about something, but it’s bad to change it about some things.

– One of the best feelings in the world is a big hug from a little kid

– If there’s a cockroach on the porch, there’s probably another hundred hiding nearby

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