Office Talk: Facebook and Death

Office Talk: Facebook and Death

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An office with five girls can trigger any kind of conversation…

[I said something about dying]

S: Yeah, speaking of dying, I want someone to deactivate my facebook account for me and delete all my pictures in case I die! I haven’t given my password to anyone yet, who will do it for me?

Me: I’ll do it! [a very short pause] I mean God forbid, but just in case. Put the password somewhere where I can find it in case you die and tell me the location

S: yeah!! Listen, I’ll tell you what to do. First, you erase all my pictures in my profiles and in other people’s profiles, then you write a status message telling people that I’m dead, then you write a long article about how wonderful I was and how much you liked me…

[L was rolling her eyes at this point]

Me: yes! Who wants in on the action too? You know what? You all can pay me in advance so that if you die I write a eulogy for you, and of course there will be insurance in case I die before you. Sounds pretty lucrative!

Seriously though, recently one of my friend on facebook had passed away, and it’s pretty sad to see his profile still working and facebook suggesting that I “write on his wall” or “make facebook better for him”, and worse yet, people are posting random questions  via lousy application to his wall.  Something should be done to avoid this, don’t you think?


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