On the New Publication Law: Big Brother is Watching You

On the New Publication Law: Big Brother is Watching You

Monday, January 18, 2010

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the blogosphere about the new censorship law. What’s all the fuss about? I mean, it’s about time we learned to deal with it, so, relax! If the government wants to treat you like sheep then so be it. Now I know many of you are all about having a voice and making a difference, but face it people, from the governments point of view we look really funny, like little parasites screaming and squeaking with picket signs. I mean, you should try to come to terms with the virtual fact that the governments know what works better for you. After all, what do you all know about politics? You haven’t even rigged an election!

Or have you? Slow down there, before you answer, remember that big brother is watching…

So, instead of ranting here and there, let’s try to be proactive. Here are a few pieces of advice for bloggers to cope with the new law:

1- If your blog name is suspicious, you better change it. Case in point: “Yameen Shmal”, what are hinting at? Right wing, left wing? إنت شيوعي يلا؟

Or, Jordan Watch, what are you watching exactly? Are you trying to say that the government isn’t watching Jordan well enough? Well, let me tell you something gentleman, the government is not only watching, they are listening too.

2- people who think too much, stirring conversation and leading campaigns here and there should shut their blogs down altogether. I mean, why oh why do you love trouble? You have good jobs and nice families so, what do you care? Case in point: 7iber people, you had a good run, kiss your blogs goodbye.

3- Try to find something “interesting” to blog about. Say, pink rabbits, Martha Stewart’s latest favorite garden tool, FWD emails about cancerous shampoos, you name it. Just stay out of trouble. You can use a song for Omar Abdallat from time to time. Actually you may refer to this post (Some government friendly posts), I totally forgot about it until this came up.

4- Stop reading too much and stop watching these movies about freedom and whatnot, like that low-budget movie where a “hero” dies while screaming FREEEDOM at the end. What? It was high-budget movie? Okay… what now? It won like a zillion Oscars? Okay, who cares? Just steer clear off that…

5-Now, a personal request, if you don’t hear from me in a week, please tell my parents I love them


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