Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

Friday, October 09, 2009

So, I’m at home working on this episode on the Doctors where they talk about calorie burning and exercises and what not, so they bring a blueberry muffin and ask how much exercise it takes to burn the calories from it. 33 minutes of jogging or 115 minutes of weight lifting. Well, that’s too much if you ask me, so being a person with a very sweet tooth I started rationalizing right away, like “yes but if you eat it in the morning and you’re active throughout the day bla bla bla… anyway. I’ve been craving something sweet since I woke up this morning and this just made it worse! Because when I want something sweet I really mean it! I don’t negotiate much with my body or try to say that it’s fooling me, you want sugar, sugar it is!

So, I was bored and I already needed to buy some stuff so I decided to go to Miles in Mecca mall to get the things I needed and something sweet and sugary and maybe a little bit chocolaty…

So, I finished my shopping and among other things I bought a yogurt fruit snack (don’t let the name fool you, it’s not THAT healthy) and a decadent marzipan and dark chocolate bar. Now  I don’t usually eat when I’m driving but this was serious business. I needed my sugar! I even suspect that some of my mood swings may be caused by missing out on my daily dose of sugar. So, I opened the package of the fruit snacks, and followed that with the marzipan bar, but I was surprised when I started to feel my blood sugar going up half way through the bar. I thought that was good because usually my threshold for sugar intake is very high. I could consume large quantities of sugar before feeling the need to offset the balance. So, I wrapped the rest of the bar, put it in my handbag and drove on.

As I was driving on in euphoric manner, be it a nice Friday morning, very light traffic, with all that sugar in my blood it occurred to me as I was passing the spot where I was fined twice for speeding, it occurred to me to look at the meter, and there came the surprise! I was doing 110 km/hr! Of course the speed limit there is 80 km/hr, which means 90 km/hr earned you a 20 JD’s ticket and 110 would probably cost you a little bit more. Thankfully the under-cover patrol car wasn’t there but it wasn’t only about this, I have never driven on the street with this speed! And I didn’t even feel it! I imagined what if one of those big trucks came in from the side-road on the right or what if the car in front of me suddenly decided to slow down?

Anyhow, thank God nothing happened. I finished the marzipan bar before I got home while thinking that I should never have sugar while driving, got home to continue working on doctors, thinking that I should share some of those healthy tips, but to say that I learned my lesson, well, let’s hope so.

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