The Art of Deviation

The Art of Deviation

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Since I’m big on deviating from the subject, especially when I’m writing, I decided to do a little experiment…

The other day I was at the bookshop, after I bought the book I want, I went to the cash counter where they have all kind of bookmarks and cool things. It’s a good way to sell things, you know how when you’re in the supermarket and then after you finish buying all your stuff you go to the cash and there’s this good-looking gum, usually it’s sugar free, but you know I cut down on sugar free stuff because of all the things I heard about those artificial sweeteners. Actually my boss told me that they were linked to M.S. Speaking of which, my friend told me about her friend who has M.S and who knows a  guy who sounded like a real jerk. Have you ever wondered what the origin of the word jerk is? Well it reminds me of English 101 back in collage, there was text that mentions a frog that was jerking but frankly I can’t remember much, I think it had to do with electricity. Speaking of electricity, did you see the Simpson’s episode where Homer develops an obsession with Tomas Addison? Well I always say that those people behind the Simpsons could change the world if they used their genius in something serious. My  2 year-old niece loves the Simpsons, she calls them Sickson, sounds like Nexon. I never saw the movie about Nexon by the way although it was nominated for a bunch of Oscars, but you know Oscar nominated movies are not always what they are all cracked up to be. But you know, people have different tastes. Yet, when it comes to movies you can never tell what’s true and what’s not. I mean, I saw Blood Diamond and I loved it, but then when I saw Body of Lies I was like: It seems like they are mistaken Jordan for post-war Afghanistan. Seriously, donkeys in Jabal Al-Hussain? And it looked like girls in Jordan didn’t hear of the invention called blow dryer. And the terrorist who is supposedly to be a “Sheikh” who apparently speaks Arabic just as well as I speak Japanese. Although it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to learn Japanese, I always wanted to go to Japan, they say Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, Amman is the most expensive city in the Arab world as far as I remember. People who come to visit complain about this a lot. They spend hundreds of JD’s in a matter of days, mainly on for fun and recreation, it’s funny how they all come back craving Shawerma! I’m not the biggest fan but I like it from time to time, especially from Karam in Swefieh, and I like how Shawerma brings people together. Yes! From time to time I go out with my cousins and we all bring Shawerma and eat it on the hood of the car or something. But I remember one unpleasant incident when the we bought shawerma and the meat smelled like dead cats ewwww. My uncle called the restaurant and they hung up on him! Talk about costumer service…


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