The curious incident of the Cat at the Safeway

The curious incident of the Cat at the Safeway

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today after work I stopped by Safeway to get some things (and by things I mean chocolate and what not), so as I was walking to the entrance I saw this scary looking cat, well at the time it didn’t look scary to me, maybe because I was too consumed in one of my mental conversations, but in retrospect the cat did look weird, it was a fluffy gray cat with a square face due to the fur extending to the sides. You know those cats you see in horror movies? Very close to this.

So, I made my way inside and just as I was getting ready to indulge my chocoholism, there was that noise nearby. I looked in the direction of the noise and I saw that one of the wooden boards in the ceiling had broken off. Well, that was relatively normal, things break all the time, but looking directly beneath that, I saw something weird; it was the same cat I saw earlier outside, it had fallen from the ceiling!! And it didn’t look friendly at all, this time it did look scary to me that I cringed and was about to run, especially that it was growling and walking as if preparing to attack (yes, I admit it, when it comes to cats I’m the biggest scared cat of all) and it didn’t really help that no one else was panicking, I mean HELLO!! The rood is raining cats, scary looking cats!!

So, since everyone else wasn’t afraid I tried to be subtle and walked away from the cart pretending that I was going to bring something from the dairy and juice section…

Anyway, since I don’t believe in coincidence, what are the odds of me seeing the cat outside and then having it fall from the ceiling few meters away from me? Do you think the cat was trying to tell me something?

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