The Early Signs of Workaholism

The Early Signs of Workaholism

Sunday, June 28, 2009

As it turned out, traffic lights seem to be my new venue of inspiration

As I was leaving work today, as usual, I had to stop at a traffic light, and since it was Sunday and the traffic was heavy I had to wait a bit longer. So, I started to get bored and I had that feeling or urge or whatever that I can’t be just sitting around waiting and listening to the radio, I had to do something, so I fished out the scratch card I’d bought earlier to recharge my balance, and a piaster to scratch it with, you know how they keep giving you piasters with change especially those big super makrkets, someone should put an end to that! Nothing must be sold for a price that’s not a multiple of 5! Anyway, fidgety concerns aside, I scratched the card, picked up my mobile and started to recharge the balance, all the while sneaking a peek every other moment at the traffic light to see if it’s time to move, and before I knew it I found myself racing to type those numbers and hit the button, and that’s when I stopped and asked myself: What am I doing?

I started wondering, was it really about wanting a pastime while I waited or was it about the thrill and exhilaration of meeting a deadline? Or perhaps I feel that I need to actually do something all the time. Whatever happened to relaxation and contemplation? And if it was about doing something, anything, then what about those non-work-related things I’ve been meaning to catch up on or even start with but never got around to doing them? And I’m not saying that there wasn’t time, there’s always time, it’s just that I use it to do other things.

Recently I’ve been favoring work with much of my time. The other day I was too preoccupied with it that I actually dreamed about the file I was working on and I hadn’t finished yet. That’s another sign I guess. And, you know recently when I had the occasional toothache that crippled me for like 20 minutes if not more and I couldn’t do anything until the pain subsided, do you know what I once thought? “How much work time have I missed during that painful spell?”

So, if you have any similar symptoms you are strongly advised to kick back before you kick off. Other signs may include admiring career obsessed TV characters, working late on weekends; underestimating the importance of sleep and feeling like your eyes are filled with sawdust.

Bottom line, work is great and everything, but when it starts to turn into an obsession and starts to take the place of other things in your life that are no less important than it, then you better nip it in the bud

Get well soon

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