This is Why Morgan Freeman Rocks

This is Why Morgan Freeman Rocks

Friday, January 01, 2010

Okay, so I’ve just watched a short interview with Morgan Freeman done by an Arabic channel in Dubai. Frankly, some of the questions got on my nerves and I could imagine what was going through Freeman’s head having to answer them. All in all, it was interesting, and that man rocks! Here are some interesting points, positive and negative:

First. The host started by asking him about his experience co-piloting his own private jet. Valid question, especially that he said he always wanted to be a pilot. But then the flying thing gets out of hand when she asks him how it feels to fly and how free it makes you feel. I mean, you’re sitting down with Morgan Freeman, you don’t ask him about being in an airplane, you ask him about movies!! Blockbusters! I’m sure there’s more than enough people to tell you how it feels to fly a plane, let alone be in one, at least more than those who starred in one of the greatest movies in Hollywood’s history. Way more. His answers, however, were dead-on. He said that it really doesn’t make you feel free because you’re controlled by people on the ground after all and you will keep thinking about how to get to your destination safely driving a plane at such high altitudes. In her defense, maybe she’s not the one who prepared the questions and she seemed to be a bit too excited.

Then they move to politics and he mentions an interesting point. He says that Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents the US has ever had. He says that the country was in such a good shape when he left off then it was like “they crashed and burned”. Then he goes on to say: “but now we survived that and we have president Obama”. He might as well have said: Bush screwed thing up and Clinton seemed to be one of the best because he was sandwiched between two Bushes. I mean, how much worse can he do than a second and a third Gulf war? Any infidelity scandal pales in comparison…

Then, they move to talk about the Arab world, and he says that we have some of the most beautiful women in the world. But the host couldn’t just take the compliment, she was like: but I think the difference between Arab women and Western women is that they put more make up, they are more natural. Well, Freeman didn’t agree, but I guess he would if he saw one episode of a Kuwaiti TV show. That would be a shocker! But thankfully, no label has been stamped on Arab women yet because of the minority who seem to believe against every fact, physical proof and logic that when it come to make up, less and more. Actually more makes you closer to a clown than you are to an actress. A creepy clown. You know the movie IT, right?

Then comes my favorite part. First she asks him about any modern or historical characters that he would like to play in a movie. As you would imagine, Arab leaders were out of the question. Actually he said that he would like to play a role of a character that was played before. He said that it was a man called “Sulaiman: who fought for Jerusalem during the Crusades and won. It was very nice although I’m not sure who this Suleiman is, I’m afraid he got the name wrong. Could he mean Saladdin? Then they talked about peace, stereotypes and the Middle East and he said something about the movie “Paradise Now”. It was interesting that he described it as the “movie from Palestine” and when he talked about the conflict he said “Jews and Palestinians”. I don’t know but I liked the fact that he didn’t say Israelis, as if alluding to the truth about their so-called state and their discrimination and apartheid against people from other faiths. It shouldn’t be a big surprise coming from someone who just played Nelson Mandela.

I have one thing to say, Mr. Freeman: Touché.

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