Top (something) reasons not to talk to people

Top (something) reasons not to talk to people

Thursday, June 04, 2009

1. Because they are boring

2. Because you are boring

3. Because they don’t listen

4. Because they talk too much about themselves

5. Because they want you to do all the talking

6. Because they are too pessimistic and grumpy

7. Because they are annoyingly optimistic

8. Because you have so little in common

9. Because you don’t know what to talk about

10. Because you’re afraid that you might “spill the beans”

11. Because they are too vulgar

12. Because they are too refined

13. Because they are too opinionated

14. Because they can’t have a say in anything

15. Because they lie

16. Because you don’t want to lie to them

17. Because you can’t stand them for some reason

18. Because you have great chemistry and you’ll afraid to fall in love with them

19. Because they are crazy

20. Because there’s no time 21. Because they don’t understand…

There’s always a reason…


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