When Your Mind Says Goodbye and Goes for a Walk

When Your Mind Says Goodbye and Goes for a Walk

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have you ever wondered where your mind has been on a particular moment? You know those things that are real and happened for real yet they seem to be completely wiped out of your consciousness, as if for a moment you stepped out of yourself and went to live in another world…

Few moths ago I was with a friend in Mecca mall, and you know how hard it is sometime to find a certain store, especially after the extension, I imagine it can really work for one of those cut-throat challenges on Survivor or something…

So we were standing in the middle of the mall trying to decide which way to go to reach a certain store, I guess it was Accessorize, you know that place that looks all colorful and sparkly yet when you get in, even if to buy some cheesy gift for a little girl most of the things are grossly overpriced so you end up buying nothing? Anyway…

We were discussing which way to go, finally agreed on how to go about it, checked out some stores finally sat to have some lunch. So as we were having lunch (more of a supper), or maybe just before that I can’t really remember but it’s really irrelevant, my friend said out of nowhere:

“It’s wired how some guys put themselves in awkward situtations”

I was curious why she was saying that so I asked her what’s the occasion for this, so she said:

“That guy that came up to you while we were deciding on which way to go”

I was like, “what guy?”

So she said, “That guy, he stopped in front of you and asked you “where do you want to go?” and you completely ignored him so he went on his way! I was surprised actually at how spontaneously you handled the situation”

Well that’s because I didn’t even see or hear the guy! I couldn’t remember any of that, as if there was a mist screen that made me not see him or as if that moment was blocked out so it didn’t register to my conscious mind!

I wondered that maybe he was someone I know and he was trying to say hi in a rather unusual way, I don’t know but I hope not because it might’ve made me look really bad!

I’m still curious… who on earth was that person, why didn’t I see him and most importantly, was that the only time something like this happened?

If only there was a way to know!


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