4 Years of THIS

Can you believe it? Okay, here’s the thing…

As you may have noticed, I have moved my blog from the old address to a new one. Of course since I couldn’t find a wayto import the old posts into this new address I had to moe them one by one, well not all of them but more than the half of them, and since I couldn’t take the comments along I linked to the old posts as well.

So, when I went all the way back to my very first post on the Cinnamon Zone and it as dated February 7, 2006, which made me come to this shcoking realization that I’ve been a blogger for 4 years now! 4 years…

What’s more is that as I went through the posts one by one, it was lik going throug a diary or something. Like I’ve been archiving my life. Iwould be like “Oh, I remember when I wrote this” Or “Wow I do sound so touchy feely here” or just feel sometign tingling inside as I read the comments for a post I love as if I was reading them for the first time…

Throughout my 4 years of blogging I met many interesting people, people I don’t know if I would’ve me otherwise, peopl who share my interests and people who are so different from me yet I enjoy reading for them. Some even became very good friends of mine!

Now with all the micro-blogging going around I’m afraid blogs will lose some of its popularity, but I really hope not and I hope it won’t just anothertemporary fad, because I love blogs, blogging and bloggers! I’ve loved it since the days of Jordan Planet, and they have come a long way since. Now we have jordan Blogs, Toot, Qwaider Planet and other aggregators.

Anyway, goin through my archives I came across some posts that really made me smile. There are some of my favorite posts, here you go…

The Ordinary Life of Dalia G. (Handsdown my favorite post, A short story)

Shunker (An Indian movie experiece)
Memories of War (Literally)
بيعجبني في الشعب الأردني (A sarcastic take on some phenomena in the Jordanian society)

Yes, I’m a Girl! (An imaginary letter from my niece as she was bron)

One Hundred Years From Now… (Thoughts on what’s to be, or not to be)

Story of a City: The Intrahistory of Amman (Book Review)

She is Palestine (BAPD) (A tribute to mygrandmother that later became a eulogy)

Cat Fight (Almost pointless)

Welcome to my new home, come again!


3 responses

  1. I can relate to “meeting good people”. Yesterday I was talking about to one of my friends..I met great people online, and I’d like to meet more.

    Great blog you have, keep it up !

  2. First, Happy bloggoversary.
    Second, Mabrook the new place
    Next, you’re absolutely right about your feelings towards things you wrote long time ago. It’s really amazing how things feel when we look at them once again after the years.
    It’s an honor, and a pleasure to have been there since your very first post 🙂

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