أنعي لكم حبيبتي علياء


Ever since I was a kid I used to hear about Queen Alia. I heard stories about her, I saw her photos, but it was only until recently that I truly learned who she was and got to know her better. It was a documentary on her life, as a little girl, a grown up woman and then a queen, and despite her eventful life, she didn’t seem to change.

It was a 2-hour documentary in which family and loved ones talked about Alia the human, the wife, the mother, the activist, you name it. It was very rich with material that it would be difficult to include everything here. So, I chose to share with you the one story that stuck in my head the most.

It was February 9th, 1977. Queen Alia was preparing to board a helicopter to Tafileh after she received reports about the poor conditions in Tafileh hospital. A friend of hers was there with her in the palace, she wanted to go with her but the Queen insisted she didn’t. “You’re wearing high heels, stay here” the Queen told her. Then, she brought her son Prince Ali who was almost 14 months old, he hadn’t learned how to walk yet so she kept trying to make him take his first steps. Her friend would tell her that he was still too young but the Queen wouldn’t listen. She insisted that he walked before she left. At last, Ali took his first steps, and Queen Alia cheered him and said: “Now you’re a man and I can leave you”

That same day Queen Alia’s Helicopter crashed as she was returning from her trip. Today marks the 33th anniversary of her death

I wish I had that documentary, I can’t even remember its name! The most touching moment was when King Hussein gives a eulogy for his beloved wife. I couldn’t even find it on the net, all I found is the opening sentence…

أنعي لكم حبيبتي علياء


May Allah rest her soul in peace and keep her in the memories of those who loved her and those who admired her without even knowing her.


5 responses

  1. I don’t think we’ve ever had an undistinguished queen. They all seem so elegant, so educated, so queen-ish.

    I had no idea about the story of the day she died, thank you for including that, and if you ever find the name of that documentary, please do share.

    Allah yr7amha!

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