Mish Pointless

** I hate it when I visit a blog and find it deserted, like when the latest post on it dates back to January 3rd, 2oo8 or something. It makes me sad…

*** Today I did something really stupid and I can’t even think of a reason why I did it. I’m not sharing it because I’m afraid someone reckless might actually try it and cause a car crash or something

*** Do you know the movie “He’s just not that into you”? Well I suggest they make a movie called: I AM not that into you. It’s funny how when you’re being friendly with someone he seems to think that you’re trying to “land” him in a manner of saying. Get a life. Stop acting like a weirdo to scare a girl off, she’s really not that into you!

**** That was episode 1 of “Mish Pointless” which is something I created as a pretext to post random irrelevant thoughts, not that I need a pretext for that but you know, this way it doesn’t sound so out of place


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