Mish Pontless, ep. 2

* You know what makes me smile? Seeing a grandparent with a little grandchild walking in the street. Gives me a sweet tingling inside.  Now I know this could indicate that their parents are dead or divorced, but it could also indicate nothing but  a special relationship between 2 people from 2 very different generations. I just love it when I hear my mother or father talk about my 2-year old niece, their granddaughter. Or when she calls out for them: tEEtA, Sheddo!

** Yesterday I heard this commercial on the radio: for every 10 donuts you get half a litre of ice cream for free. It sounded to me like: “With every heart attack you get diabetes for free!” But who am I to judge? I had omelet and pancakes for breakfast today!

***  I have a Love/Hate relationship with sleep. See, I love it when I feel sleepy and fall asleep, and the feeling of waking up after having slept for many hours, but at the same time there’s so many interesting things to do in the time you’d be sleeping in! So, if sleep was a man, we’d be divorced but still in love with each other…


9 responses

  1. and if you stop by KFC on your way to dunken donuts you can get a super size bucket of deep fried chicken-lookalike pieces dripping of only the best cholesterol free genetically modified vegetable oil and they will even throw in a 2 litre bottle of gaz filled sugar saturated fizzy drink of your choice plus a 500 gram tub of full fat mayonnaise with a few flustered pieces of carrots and cabbage floating in it (otherwise called Coleslaw) . so now you can have
    a complete meal with all the essential food compounds: sugar, fat, starch, E150, E312, E625

  2. Believe it or not Ms. Ola, but nutrition is quit a controversial science! Controversial to the point that the story of the sailors with the scurvy disease and citrus is interpreted in very different ways!

  3. Well it could be controversial but I don’t think anyone disagrees on the sugar and trans-fat! But that would be interesting to learn more about if you can elaborate or post sth. about it

    Off topic, please don’t call me Ms. :s Ola is good enough

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