There’s no escaping the “V” word

ValentiMe that is. I was determined not to post anything about it because it’s stupid and corny and, you name it. But, having logged in to Twitter Ifound that every other tweet at least was related to Valentine’s days. Garaf yegrefko my friends, mashi? Anyway, amid all the fuss a certain story that took place few years back came to mind, and I couldn’t resist sharing it.

See, Valentine was coming up and everyone was talking about, mostly in defiance to the concept or in the form of jokes. And you know red roses must come up here and there. So, my little brother who was then, I don’t know, in the 4th or 5th grade I guess, he was asking about something and apparently he didn’t want to spend any money, so at last I was fed up with him and said: If you have money you should spend it on somethingyou want, not just stack it away! So, he answered me something I really didn’t expect, he said:

“I’m saving because I want to get mom a red rose. Nobody got her any roses”

Well, these are the things that make you want to have kids…

(Of course when mom knew she told him she didn’t want anything so he went to the super market and bought some snacks)


5 responses

  1. LOOOL.

    W7yat Allah enu people I’ve never seen before wished me a ‘happy valentine’ wehn they passed me by at University today. Bedhom 3oros yorgoso fee. :p

    And your brother is amazing, mashAllah 3aleh, and I espically admire his persistence. :p

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