This conversation actually took place

I never saw someone with as strong a will to live as that girl”. One girl said. “They discovered that she had ovarian cancer, and they told her it was treatable but she might not be able to have children since her ovary will be fried by the radiation/chemo. And what did she do? She told them to take her ovary out and freeze it until she’s cured. And she was cured, her ovary we re-planted and she got married and she now has 3 children. He was in love with her before she got cancer and he married her although his family didn’t approve, but stood up for them”


“That’s amazing” another lady said. “But you know, if it was my brother and he wanted to marry her I wouldn’t let her, would you?”


“I wouldn’t it” a third lady weighed in.


My take:

1- Everyone may get cancer. They may either die or become cancer survivors. In the latter case, they have the right to live a normal life just like everyone else.


2- Who your brother wants to marry is his choice, not yours.


3- Let’s all try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes more often.


I don’t know why I didn’t say all that at the time. Perhaps the topic changed or I was just speechless…


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