Driving: the Old Fashion Way

I stumbled upon a national treasure!


The other day I found this book, which was written by my late grandfather, who used to be a driving instructor some 40 years ago and owned a center for training drivers back in the 1970’s. My uncle told me this book was adopted by the Traffic Department as the official theoretical material for learning driving. It’s interesting that this book is only 16 pages, while the books we have now are over 100 pages. Mind you, this book explains everything in elaborate details, it even tells you that when you want to switch the car off you have to turn the key in the opposite direction of that of switching it on. It’s also funny because it seems that those days they didn’t have blinkers, so the book instructs the driver to stick their hand out of the window if they want to turn left, something which is now considered a “Dawaween” move. It’s very helpful by the way!


Another thing is the simplicity the book reflects. Take the prelude for example, where he says: Let’s start reading this book with the best of wishes. Or maybe it’s just me because it was my grandfather and I know how he was and why he would sound like this. I love you grandpa! And yes, he was one heck of a driver! And his children took after him, my mother is the best female driver I know and my uncle is the best driver I know of all. He even took a license to drive heavy vehicles (trailers and stuff) just for the heck of it. And no I didn’t take after them, I only drive automatic gear now, I’m clutchophobic.


So, this might be the last copy of this book that still exists, it’s worth documenting!




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