Let’s see if we can do it

We’re always complaining that people don’t read and that we’re a nation that doesn’t read and so on, so i thought of soemthing that may help get people to read more

1- Pick a friend/relative/someone you know who don’t read for whatever reason (they don’t like to read or they say they have no time or so on)

2- Pick a book from your library that you think they might like

3- Give it to them and ask them to read a minimum of 2 pages a day, it should take them no more than 15 minutes, tell them to squeeze it in at any time, at work, before going to bed, just 15 minutes, who can’t do that?

I just did that to a friend who doesn’t like reading, I madeher choose between the 7 Habits of Highly effectve people and the Prophet, she picked the Prophet. Let’s see if it works! I plan to do that later this week too in sha’a Allah with my brother who seems to have no time to read. He’s been readin the Hobbit for about 2 years!

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  2. Nice idea, sure it will work! I tried this with my cousin as a birthday gift! She does not read yet, but she is starting KG next year, she liked it =) I also had some influence over my 17 years old bro! I just keep advising him to read certain books, that I think are appropriate for his age, specially that he is tawjihi next year! But he does read many of my recommendations, specially that they are in front of him all day long! =)

    I tried this with my sister, but she is more into msn and fb and these time wasters! But I will keep trying!

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