Mish Pointless Ep. 4

– To see people working professionally, doing a great job and helping other people in what they do with such passion  and honesty although there’s nothing in it for them, no personal gain or whatever, while they could easily let it go and spare themselves all the trouble, and to see that in Jordan, in the public (or semi-public) sector, it makes me proud and gives me a great sense of hope and satisfaction.

– To be successful you must learn how to handle criticism.

– When you feel like you’re losing a friend, it could help to open up a bit. Release tension, restore trust and create a new way to connect.


3 responses

  1. lel asaf 3m noktob ashya2 zay el noq6a el 2ola !
    o 5soose e7na el “moslemeen” elle el mfrood neshta3’el kol she bshakel methale.. bs bardo “el mfrood” …
    alla y5alle 3lena el 3a2el wel deen!

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