Of Men and Fish

When I was tawjihi, I asked my parents for a rocking chair. When my brother was tawjihi, he wanted an aquarium.

There was a period of time where the guys in my family seemed to have a strange fascination with fish, something like a fish boom where out of no where almost each house had an aquarium and it’s not because the mother wanted it but because either the father or the eldest son wanted it. My brother and cousins would take trips to the fish store, and when they got home they would huddle around the aquarium to compare fish and decorations. They would even get creative by trying to bring in different kinds of marine creatures such as water turtles, crabs, etc. One of them even went wild –literally- by putting together a huge aquarium of wild fish. He used to feed them meat or living fish. Yes, he actually went to the pet store, bought golden fish and gave them to his carnivores to devour.

So, what is it with men and fish?

I was discussing this with a friend once and I said that maybe it’s because fish need so much care and men like to feel needed. You know, they have to feed them the right amount of food in the right time, they have to constantly clean the aquarium, it’s a pain actually! But maybe that’s why, fish are needy creatures. But you know the funny thing is 90% of the time the fish doesn’t live for long, so much for neediness!

Any insights, guys?


10 responses

  1. well, i have a fish aquarium in home with more than 60 fish in it! i have it for about 12 years for now.
    having a fish as a pet is better than a cat or a dog; it does not make noise or dirt all around the house
    for me having such beautiful creatures gives me a smile each time i watch them while eating or giving birth for the little babies, but doing such crazy things as putting different kinds together is like having a cocks fight for personal pleasure only.
    it’s just a hobby, and when you know how you do it and care about the fish, the fish will live for long time,
    serene: it’s always hard to find the right fish in the sea 🙂

  2. Lol. Every single house in Jordan had at one point at least that circular one with the standard 2 golden fish. We had quite a big tank for a while, i was in love with the ‘zabal’ fish, the black one always stuck to one corner of the tank. Mom got sick of cleaning the green water every couple of weeks so she gave them away lol. Typical hehe

  3. i have no idea what’s the fascination about, but I have an aquarium joke
    A boy went in to a pet shop. He asked the shop keeper, “Can I buy a goldfish?”
    The guy said,”Do you want an aquarium?”
    The boy replied, “I don’t care what star sign it is.”


  4. Serene: strangely enough, that makes sense!

    Allouh: Are you telling me that guys have fish to marvel at their beauty? don’t think so! There must be some underling/ subconscious motive!

    Dee: lol yeah mothers may run out of patience more quickly with these things because they already have their hands full, I guess the way those guys feel about tending to the fish is how mothers feel about taking care of their families 😀

    Melice: good one 😀

  5. this made me think of my husband’s pet -fish- and laugh! He says that he got it for our kid, but The way he takes care of it, bringing new plants and feeding it a certain amount of food every single night and the cleaning part…haha…this is really funny! I think your reasons are right! I should appreciate his pet even more now that I know how much it means to him 😉

  6. Why would anyone want to put an aquarium and go thro the pain of cleaning and feeding fish is beyond me ! I need someone to feed me !! lol

    I like to EAT fish, sea food is my favorite, because it tastes good. Other than that, I don’t fancy cleaning or feeding anything !! LOL

  7. Well, it’s not a bad thing, everyone has inner motives whether we’re aware of the or not, look atwhat ido said, she now appreciates her husband’s fish more! It’s good actually, every action has a mental root

  8. That’s so true, when my brothers were into it, they used t sit and watch them with baba for an hour every single day. 🙂 It’s actually so relaxing.
    But may be another reason is that fish don’t talk, unlike women. Even if they move their mouths we can’t hear what they say 😉

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