Dump him, he’s a Loser!

Well, I’m not a relationship expert, but some relationships don’t need an expert to tell you that it’s a prospective disaster in the making. Here are some real life examples of people who wasted their time and energy on what turned out to be a lost cause. I’m not going to mention what the nature of the relationship was or many details about those people as not to disclose their identities

P.S: excuse the title, I know the girl could be the one who’s a loser, but you know, it’s a title not a synopsis!

Case 1:

She’s a very beautiful girl, and she’s with that guy. It’s not that looks matter but for the sake of this story I have to point out that the guy wasn’t exactly handsome and the girl was really beautiful. So, for some reason or another, he keeps making comments about her looks, criticizing the tiniest details and the way she dresses. He also criticized her figure. So, at last she decides to go on a diet without telling him. A while later she loses 6 KGs. She sees him, and out of nowhere he goes: “Look at yourself!! You’ve put on weight! Can’t you do anything for me?”

Of course that was the last stroke, obviously the problem wasn’t her, there was something wrong with him!

Case 2:

That was like a movie! I knew 3 people, a girl in high school, a guy in his twenties and another girl in her twenties 2. Some how I discover that the guy is involved in a relationship with those two girls. I go tell them and what do they do? The high school girl tells me what he tells her, that they are only friends. Trust me, I know wha’ts “only friends” and what’s not, and obviously she knew it but was in denial. The second girl didn’t believe me either. In fact, I think she thought I was jealous and wanted him for myself. Ewwww! Anyway, she remembered that a year later when he dumped her to marry another girl. He told her his parents wouldn’t approve of her. I guess she knew I wasn’t the bad guy after all…

Nonetheless, I still think I did the right thing, and the proof to that is that I didn’t lose any of those girls as friends at the end. I’d still do it today so don’t mess with anyone I know!


Case 3:

She had a very good average grade in high school that she could easily get into a public university, but she doesn’t, why? Because he didn’t go to university and he doesn’t want her to go either. Okay, the girl was being stupid and didn’t know better, what about her parents? Education is one thing I am willing to force my children to do!

Not only that, soon after he tells her that his father wants him to marry another girl, but he still wants her to be his girlfriend because he doesn’t love that girl and he told his father he won’t be responsible for her. You know, a girlfriend and a wife he’s not responsible for, isn’t that what every sucker wants? And the funniest bit was when she told him: what if your wife got pregnant? Do you know what he answered? You’ll love this, he said: “We’ll use protection”

Thankfully, the girl came to her senses and she’s now back to school, top of her class.


Case 4:

A guy who’s with this really beautiful girl, yet whenever there are girls around he’s ogling them and checking them out. In her presence. She confronts him with that and he goes: “you’re so uptight! All guys do that!”

Well if you’re so desperate to look at other girls then at least don’t be so blunt about it!


Case 5:

He’s a really good guy, actually he might be reading this right now, and he’s been with that girl for over 2 years and now she left him to marry another guy. This is not the problem, the problem is when she’s going through a rough time she calls him and cry. I told him to block her out, cut her off, he said he can’t because she can’t cry in front of someone else, she can’t cry to the guy she’s with now, and he couldn’t turn his back to her” See? I told you he’s good, too good that I want to smack him on the head to wake him up!

Now I know it maybe complicated, but everything else aside, isn’t the only guy you can cry in front of the guy you’re supposed to be with? Yes it’s complicated, but nonetheless it’s unfair for any of the three parties involved in this triangle!


Case 6:

Well it’s actually a case in itself it’s a group of cases I think we all witnessed at some point. You know, the college girl who can’t stand to stay alone for two days so she takes on a boyfriend, then at some point she dumps him because she had a suitor. Or the girl who stays with someone because he makes her feel good about herself and then when he gets so attached to her she discovers that she wasn’t in love with him, she was in love with the fact that he was in love with her.

My question to the first type of girls is:

I f you are so eager to get married at a young age, then why on earth do you get involve in a relationship that’s obviously doomed in that respect?

And to the second type:

Instead of hurting people so that you can satisfy your ego, learn how to appreciate yourself and to separate fact from fiction, that is to say, real love from loving the feeling of being loved.

At the end, no matter what you say people still fall for this and still learn the hard way. You know what they say, people learn from their own mistakes.


I’d say that wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Whoever said that was spot-on…




17 responses

  1. I know loads of those!!!
    Or the girl who stays with someone because he makes her feel good about herself and then when he gets so attached to her she discovers that she wasn’t in love with him, she was in love with the fact that he was in love with her.

  2. Ola…girls (and guys actually) go from relationship to relationship because they can’t stay alone, they’re used to this now. The girl(s) in the last paragrph aren’t actually smart enough to settle or they didn’t find the proper suitor so they are “besalko 7alhom” lol.

    Ok, I have my own share of stories…I wouldn’t call myself stupid because I made wrong decisions, but I just had very high hopes on the wrong people. I believed in wrong girls, and I thought there’s too much good that can come out of them, apparently it didn’t. But as we grow up, we (hopefuly) learn…let’s see lol

  3. end of the day if you are not comfortable and confident being by yourself with yourself then you will never be comfortable, confident or committed enough to being with anyone….thus dooming almost every relationship you might have to failure (I say almost because 1- there can be exceptions, 2- you can pretend and lie to yourself that it’s all fine and rosy when it is not and you decide to either ignore it forever or one day explode)

  4. I think sometimes girls aren’t having the attention and careness that is supposed to be given to them in the familial surrounding,so she looks for anyone to get this care from.As guys are mostly the demonic part of the plot,they do manipulate girls and take them to their side..Thus the girl,surrounded by misrey-and-sorrow is obliged to accept this and thinks that he really does love her (notice that the outside look of him doesn’t count)…
    She can’t dumb him then,can she ?

  5. I’m now intrigued to hear the stories you all have!

    Sha3rawi: it’s not an excuse, a lie can’t live forever, expecially if the guys could feel that, how could he accept it?

  6. You can’t assume all guys are angels,nor all girls are smart enough to get the subject quickly…
    Yes,a lie can’t live forever,but as long as she’s is not being awared of reality,or if nothing happens that makes her get suspicious about his intentions,and as long as she’s “getting” the care she wants deep down…
    Why do anything about it…

  7. You know Ola I can keep writing the whole night telling stories “betshayyeb”! The problem is with our whole society. It’s a collective issue…. I don’t know how to put it but one shouldn’t trust anyone easily these days. Frankly, I’ve been through bad experiences myself, and my best friend had a very bad story, movies story, the nastiest eveeeeeeeer! Now it’s hard for me to trust any girl. I don’t even want to be in a relation. I keep blocking them without even knowing… Some people are really sick to an unbelievable extent…

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  9. oh oh I can totally see it Joycie….. it can even be played by Turkish actors then dubbed in Syrian. or it can be old school Mexican….it will be called Ricardo and Ramona

  10. hahahahahaha and what would his name be?

    but you do realise you will be “alienating” a lot of your audience if it’s not in Turkish or Mexican…..think about the money

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