Blogging Anonymously

I was done with nicknames long time ago. That’s to say I’ve been using my real full name online for years.  In fact I find it kind of weird now when  meet someone in real life who I know from the net and they introduce themselves by their real name and then they provide their nickname or vice versa. It’s pointless to a certain extent.

Now yesterday I was thinking of writing about something, It’s not something I’m afraid t to talk about,  it’s just that I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. So then I thought, “Maybe if I haven’t been using my real name then I wouldn’t really have a problem with this”

But then again, it’s tricky. I mean, if you choose to remain incognito, then you’ll have to give up meeting people in person or such activities. You may also not share your online identity with the people you know in real life because your cover might be easily blown.

But why bother? Isn’t your online identity a part of your life and who you are?

I understand that in the past people were intimidated by the internet and the whole information and communication revolution. Girls used to have e-mail accounts with pseudo names and sharing your pictures online was much more controversial and limited that it is now. But that was in the past. I’m not saying that it’s absolutely safe to share information online now, but it’s becoming more familiar and normal than, say, 10 years ago.

For me I reached a stage where if I can’t talk about something as myself and without fear or shyness, then I’m probably better of not talking about it online. Don’t you think so?


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  1. wallahi i was thinking the same thing, that is it a good idea to blog with ur real identity? i myself dont think i could have pulled it off even if i wanted to hide my identity. im too open when i talk and i share too much info that to people is sometimes considered personal. the negative side about bloggign with ur real name is that sometimes ppl who read the blog are ppl who know u and might take ur post personally . u cant really vent as much.

  2. Well I just think that tre is nothing we can’t talk about! As long as we choose the right approach everything is open for discussion. That’s my own feeling and people are different. The only thing that I won’t do is for example talking about people and mention their names, in this case we can just generalize and talk about situations and charachters.

  3. Ola, there are many reasons why some people would want to stay incognito. It’s really a big issue dealing with a lot more than what they should or shouldn’t say. There are many variables to this equation.

    As for online privacy, it’s a major issues. I don’t agree with you that now it’s “OK” to expose or share more of yourself unchecked. It’s not 3adi, in fact over here in the US, online privacy is one of the hottest issues around. It’s so problematic to the point that large segments on TV were dedicated to address the risks associated with online privacy. The sad news is that it’s getting worse. As more predators start utilizing these new shared resources to get to more victims. Believe me, it’s turning ugly.

    Everyone has a reason, many of the people who used pseudonyms felt they lacked the authority or credibility that a real name would have (look up someone called mini-msft). But many others blogging openly were prosecuted, lost their jobs, ruined their careers, lost their loved ones, or had problems within their own family due to what they have written online.
    I guess, what I’m trying to say is that people need to be careful and seriously contemplate their decision to go public or to remain anonymous

  4. I agree with Qwai, having a pseudo (like myself) isn’t about hiding my identity…..well actually it is to a certain extent, I would rather not be bombarded with whatever trash the West has to offer. I mean with the advances of technology all you need is someone’s name to be able to find out their phone number/address/workplace…etc and really if you are not affraid of stalkers/creeps just the issue of identity theft is scary enough (identity theft is a big issue here, where some people make a living out of stealing someone’s identity)
    anyhow going back to the point, using a pseudo might be a way to be able to speak your thoughts without having readers place those thoughts into any boxed preconception they might have got from knowing who you are where you are from or how/where you grew up

  5. I guess Qwaider saved the day. I just wanted to write what he wrote and emphasize again on “There are many variables to this equation”. I am using “Jaraad” as an alias because if some people knew my identity I will not feel free writing what I write; partly social pressure and partly work constraints.

  6. Well these all are valid points and very reasonable, but I think it depends on the geographical location and on the person themselves, where they work, their family issues, etc…

    You know recently an fellow employee wrote a facebook status that got her into trouble and she ended up resigning. Of course there’s more to that story but it shows that online privacy in deed a serious issue!

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