Why it’s Easy to Be Creative in Jordan (BAJD)

Although some people might beg to differ, but it’s actually not the hardest thing on earth to get creative and reap the rewards in Jordan, and here’s why:

1- A lot of material to work with. Just look around you! Wherever you look it’s a blend of interesting people, phenomena and landscape. So whether you’re a photographer, a writer, a poet or even an aspiring filmmaker, there’s a lot of inspiration out there, a lot to draw from and build on. And mind you, it’s not all about the positive shiny stuff, the negative side could be just as inspirational, and boy do we have a negative side!

2- Believe it or not, whine all you want, but there’s actually a lot of support for those who choose to tap into their own potential. From entities like the Royal Film Commission and Amman Film Cooperative to websites like Aramram and 7iber. Thankfully, there are still people who care about the big picture.

3- There’s always something to look forward to. A photo exhibition, a book signing, a movie showing, you name it! At any given week you may find a handful of pretty interesting events.

4- There are actually newcomers who are becoming well-known for their work all around Jordan, some sore of local celebrities, and I think this creates an energetic vibe and could be encouraging to other aspiring young people, or old for that matter!

I know we all say we don’t have time because our priority is to work to put food on the table but after all, not all the artists and scientists in the world were from the upper class who had no worries and no families to provide for. This might be an issue, but the real issue rests within the person him/herself. Do you want to do this? Can you make time for it? This is what we should be asking ourselves.

So, keep a pen and a notebook handy or just grab your camera and go out to the street, check out what’s out there and what activities are on, because if you’re in Jordan, there’s always something cooking!

As an added bonus, here are some pieces of Jordan, enjoy!


9 responses

  1. can I add one more reason? I think education is a very good thing in our lovely country. It doesn’t necessarily drive creativity though, but at least it supports it, it does provide the tools. And I also believe we got a lot of room for creativity as we are a developing country… and BTW it worth mentioning that Jordan is the place of IT creativity (i.e. Maktoob, Talasim, Watwet, Ikbis…etc)  

  2. Lovely post 🙂 can’t agree more on all the amazing events taking place all the time, I hate when i miss out on stuff 😦 they should have re-runs of events lool :p

  3. Thanks for the Post, I have to say you’ve got talent.
    Can you tell me where did you snap the second photo? the one with the mountains?

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