Why I’m against Internet Censorship in Jordan, and why I don’t really care

I’m against because: it’s not about protecting the society from destructive thoughts, it’s about what the government wants to be said and what they don’t want to. Nobody likes to be criticized, so it’s only natural that they try to prevent it while they can!

Why I don’t really care: because I don’t think that will keep me from saying what I want to say just like I do now, because I don’t believe that anything I write is harmful to the society or the stability of the country so there you go…

This is the last thing I’m going to say about this censorship farce


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  1. “anything I write about is armful to the society or the stability of the country”
    Who said it’s only about that:
    If you want talk about corruption, election law, racism, boycotting israeli products, etc. With the new law, they are all effected.

  2. Wise and mature, as always. You always manage to see DEEEPER than many people.

    As you have said, and I would add, there are perhaps 0.01% of issues that would land someone in Jail. Perhaps for a good reason. But for 99.9% of the topics, and people, nothing is going to change

    Many people don’t understand half of what they’re preaching and yet, you’ll find the to be the fiercest of opponenets. Allah yir7am ayyamak ya Nizar

  3. If you want talk about corruption, election law, racism, boycotting israeli products, etc. With the new law, they are all effected

    If I may, I would like to add “Without proof”. As in, accusing people of something without proof. This has nothing to do with Freedom of speech or cyber-censorship

  4. Quwaider: that’s what I was trying to say! Thanks!

    Ghassan: When I said I’m not saying anything harmful to the society these issuse (corruption, boycotting israeli products, etc) were included too

  5. @Qwaider:
    “Without proof” No, this is not the case. It’s not about proof or not, keep track to Jordanian news (would suggest AmmanNet) and see what I mean. I got talked to be the ‘mokhabarat’ once just because I’m talking about boycotting israeli products in an authorized lecture in the Unions Compound.

    Are you saying that issues like corruption, boycotting israeli products, etc, are harmful to the society?

  6. i think all we have to say in our blogs is il yahood 7abayebna wil american nasayebna wa lilileeeeeeeeeeesh

    *dino skips in an imaginary garden

    YEAH right..

    i think i dont write much political topics to avoid this drama. waja3 raaaas and sar 3indi binit hala2 balash an7ibis. so i stick to humor 😛

  7. Ghassan: Maybe if I’m jailed I will. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t realize the consequences until they actually take place so until then (if ever) I prefer to live in my own Utopia…

    Dina: yeah you have responsiblities now, and I must say I enjoy the adventures of bagoora so I don’t wanna see them disappear lol

  8. all i know is it has my husband worried about what is going to come out of these fingertips of mine. I, too, don’t get too controversial, but the thought of my thoughts possibly being interpreted this way, makes me think twice about what i publish.

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